• Parents to control their own financial situation and create better lives for themselves and for their children.

While working with Rita, she is obviously passionate about helping parents to achieve the best life they possibly can. Her motivation is driven from being a parent herself and the journey she has been on to get where she is today.

Nicola Bellas, Virtual Assistant, Bellas Business support – Nicola Bellas13@gmail.com – 07795025438 – Nicola’s LinkedInNicola’s Website

Rita has transformed her life financially and now helps others to do the same through her coaching programme. She is passionate about helping parents to create a life of abundance for themselves and their children.

Josie May.

Because of her own experiences, Rita has a passion for helping parents and their children be prosperous. She has wonderful listening skills and can get to the core of what is really going on with your struggles.

Amie Wade.

It has been amazing to learn about Rita’s journey. Rita is an inspiring woman who I have had the pleasure of engaging with several times through business, mainly being property. Looking forward to keeping in touch with Rita and seeing her continued success.

Paul Mackay

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